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Joe T. Ballard

Paintings of Mood and Light

Joe Ballard - Biography After 45 years in the advertising/art business, I now devote my time and efforts to painting fine art. Art is subjective, not only for the artist who paints it but also for the person who views it. With the artist, something in the subject image moves the person to want to paint it for personal reasons. The viewer sees or feels the artist's vision of that image or they see or feel something different that appeals to their own senses.

I love to paint. My art is painted in a somewhat "loose" realistic style. I want to interpret the light and mood of a scene because something in it catches my attention and I feel I need to express the vision I have for it. My goal is to bring viewers into my painting so they see the beauty in our Lord's creation. Hopefully they will feel what I feel when I paint it. I paint what I see, yet I don't paint everything I see. I move things around for better design, I squint my eyes to eliminate extraneous things, and I simplify the image to help express the concept. Consequently my paintings take on a life of their own.
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